By belonging to DS NSW you add your voice to our organisation which in turn strengthens our community and allows us to continue supporting and championing the rights of people with Down syndrome.

As a member, you have:

  • Access to Information and Support
  • Access to Support Planning, Professional Training and Beahviour Management specialist support and advice
  • Support and advice for NDIS pre-plans and planning reviews
  • Borrowing rights to the Julie Cromer Library Resource Centre
  • Access to exclusive events hosted by DS NSW
  • Discounts to public events, workshops, and webinars hosted or supported by DS NSW
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Regular social media updates on items and events of interest to you
  • You can subscribe to Voice, the Journal of Down Syndrome Australia
  • The opportunity to add your voice to current debates and government reviews
  • The opportunity to contribute as a board member
  • Voting rights at our AGM

Ordinary Individual Membership

$30 per year (incl. GST)
Waived for 2018/19

(Optional: Subscribe to VOICE magazine)

Ordinary membership is for you if you are:

  • A person with Down syndrome
  • The parent, sibling, grandparent, legal guardian or primary carer of a person with Down syndrome.

Ordinary members have voting rights within the Association at the Annual General Meeting.

Affiliate Individual Membership

$30 per year (incl. GST)
Waived for 2018/19

(Optional: Subscribe to VOICE magazine)

Affiliate membership is for you if you are:

  • An aunt, uncle, or other extended family member of a person with Down syndrome
  • An Interested community member

Affiliate Members are not elligible to vote within the association.

Organisation Membership

If you are an organisation, we will waive your membership fee of $132.00 for 2018/19. This includes an Affiliate organisation membership.

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