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Mental Wellness & Healthy Living

Promoting strengths and mental wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome: Lessons learned from the Adult Down Syndrome Center, Chicago.

Dennis McGuireDennis McGuire, PH. D., internationally renowned behavioural expert in the fields of mental health and developmental disabilities is coming to Australia in 2016.

This is a rare opportunity for anyone supporting or working a person with Down syndrome to hear from a passionate advocate and world leader in the field.

Dr McGuire is a founding Director of the Adults Down Syndrome Center, Chicago. With over 30 years clinical experience he presents regularly at international conferences, has published widely and is co-author of the classic text Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome.

Dennis McGuire visited Australia as a guest of Down Syndrome NSW.

Although the tour is now finished we are excited to anounce an on-demand webinar, delivering the highlights from the seminar, is now available online!



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